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A Wall of Noise

It’s eerily quiet.

I can hear the wind blow, the birds sing.  All that shit.

I have become.  Sedate.

Twitter has been gone since April 13th.

Facebook has been gone since April 15th (but I’m coming back)

I miss my friends, near and far.  The ones who stayed up late with me, ran races with me

who chit chatted about the weather and food and boyfriends.

I click. click. click. on Internet Explorer, yet there’s nothing to see or do.

I look at blogs.  I comment. 

I plan my next race.  Half-heartedly.

I read a book.  Or two.

And for the first time since 2003, the wall of noise that is my internet

has been silenced.

I’m uncomfortable at first.

Then I get used to it.

I listen to myself.  I pray.  I talk to Harley Guy.

And yet.

I crave that wall.  I do.

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