42-16747783 - Lollipop Garden by Liz WolfeWell, it’s over.  Officially. 
I’ve been doing 10 push-ups a day and 200 crunches.  Well, not exactly *every* day, but very close.  It’s hard coming back to PE after doing nothing, so I stayed as active as I could.

Then the Girl Scout cookies started coming to my door.  Literally.  I had 8 boxes of them right outside my door.  I gave 4 away.  The thin mints are hidden in my freezer for the summer.

Yeah, break is over.  Deal with it.  We’re going to have a great last trimester together.  If you’re in my PE classes 5th & 6th period, be sure to bring water to class.  It’s going to be hot by the end of June.

We’re entering the Governor’s challenge.  I so love Ahnold.  Especially for his old body-building days.  Richard Simmons is pushing Congress to have PE as part of a regular school day too.  Check out the links, and post your thoughts. 

Happy Spring!

16 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. is it spring or sprung? or are you talking about the wire that holds my 290 year old mattress together? good luck to all of you, esp. 8th graders…the next three months are going to be something to behold. my thoughs are with you… sub.for the first time friday…needless to say it is not veritas!!!!

  2. I guess I am the odd one here – I hate spring. I am allergic to everything that grows around here and am constantly getting sick. Go away spring and bring back fall and winter.

    P.S. I do not like the hot summers either.

  3. i have been working out but i guess it was a weird workout. i wanted 2 do yoga every Mondy but as soon as i turned on the song i couldn’t really remember wut 2 do so over our break all i did was run an hour everyday and lifted weights. the time i did a different sport was on Friday’s. i would either jump rope, play volleyball, and other stuff. i still had fun though.

  4. u guys r all haterz

    Why do u not like spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Jeez way to bring down a mood im kidding! well anyways spring is here and its allergy season sooo all i can say is have FUNN

  5. I love spring, well because its when my birthday falls! Oh, Mr. Shen, you spelled THOUGHTS wrong! I love being able to correct you now! Just Kidding! I have a lot of respect for you!

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