I believe in Jesus Christ, even though my faith has taken many turns over the years.  I found this video on youtube.  It’s my son’s favorite song, and it really inspired me when I saw it.

Peace to all, and Happy Easter.

15 thoughts on “Easter

  1. my easter was really suckee!!! we left to tahoe 0n thursday and spent easter sunday driving home!!BORING!!!!! buh yeah i hope u had a wunderful easter and happy new year!!!lol

    _Love always_

  2. WUa It WAS eASTER? DANg I slEPt THREW iiT….LMBO…JP JP…I WENt TooH THe BAY….&& SLEPT SuM MORE! [[[ii HAD a LonG NiGHT]]♥♥♥

  3. i’m 2 mature 2 be doing Easter now. but my frndz at church were stupid and competed wit the little kidz. it was funny cuz they were running around like crazy looking 4 the eggs.

  4. i went hunting at my aunt’s house. the eggs were worth money. i got $12 dollars (sucks) but my sister went crying because i got an egg worth $5, so i made our money equal. (plus i got $20 dollars from my dad) 🙂

  5. I love EASTER my sister thought it was all abt the bunny so not only did she have to sit and hear the lecture frm my dad abt jesus and how he rose up but I had to too how messed up it wasted a whole hour! thanks dad

  6. i’m not so interested in running and all that, so i don’t want to join the track team. but i do love specific sports, particularly volleyball.

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