Do you want to be on the Track Team?  Make sure you have all your paperwork in to me by the end of the week.  Track goes for 5 weeks, and practice is every day after school, with track meets on Thursdays. 

I’m your coach.  So, what’s your favorite sport?

14 thoughts on “Track Team

  1. I DOnT THiiNK so….Im SOrrY Buh I dReAD eVERy FrIiDAy….[[[THA mIilE DUM-DUM-DUM]] && So I bASicAlly DOnT haVe ANy GooD REAsON tOOH JoIN….ExCEpT FOr BAsIC pUrE StUPiDiTY…=/….♥….i GuESS i’LL tHiiNK aBOUt It….=)

  2. i would do it, im good at running bursts of speed, i just cant maintain it…but, to be honest…i did track before, and its not that great, sorry

  3. i dont know y alot of good runners dont want to join the track team, i think its a great oppurtunity plus i think it will keep me fit. i have done track before in the last city i used to live in and i was quite good if i might say so ive enen won trophies. it feels great to be captain julian is a great help too

  4. ppl r goin 2 miss out on the fun track meets nd stuff if they dnt do track… nd it helps yooh get a better mile time

  5. i will be in the track team but i dont think i have grads sory but next year i am going to be beter next year

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