New feature to the right.  Weekly poll on PE.  Tell me your thoughts!!!  Poll ends next Wednesday.  Vote now!  Click on *TAKE MY POLL*.

9 thoughts on “Take this poll!

  1. i actuall liked all of the exersizes we do on mondays and i really liked yesterdays hip hop ab work out it was very fun ^x^

  2. I actually enjoy doing this it makes me feel great and my endurance has changed greatly. Track also excites me I am just facing one problem my schedule! i have tutoring tuesdays and thusdays from four(4) to five(5)

  3. I picked other because i like doing sports and fun activities like dodgeball i dont like most the workouts we do NO AFFENCE

  4. Nick, that’s cool. You don’t have to like it. Dodgeball will never happen with me, but we will do some other activities after the 5K.

  5. i picked kick boxing. i don’t know why though. i would’ve picked OTHER but then i was thinking wut else have we done..? we need to do different exercises

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