If you want to see the Student of the Week video, click on the Student page at the top of this site!  Ravneet and Manuel are the new Students of the Week!!  It was an awesome mile run! (You know who you are).


23 thoughts on “STUDENTS ROCK YOU!

  1. *NessA YoU [[&&]] AleX LooK HecksA CutE In ThaT PiC*
    “GooD LucK @ SierrA”
    [= [[GooooO TimberwolveS]] =]


  2. I realy do love that slide show Mrs.Vermulen!
    keep up the great work on this awsome blog!! =D
    ♥Erin♥……………..P.S congrats to every one who is in it!!
    yeah!! ;D

  3. GOOD JOB!!!! RaVnEEt and MaNuEl i was about to call u manual haha anyways yeah good job and keep up the good work!!!!

  4. school is a lot harder in 7th grade with all the homework and stuff butt right now i havent had that much home work

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