Time to put my money where my mouth is.  Check out week 3 couch to 5K below.  I’m off to the gym to do day 3.  You too?

Check out the iPod workout song  of the week.  I’ve put audio files on the page.  Do you hear them?

I’m avoiding the bazillion Governor’s Challenge papers I have to enter this weekend.  Two more weeks!

Off to the gym…

Update:  Is it me, or is this workout getting easier??  Tomorrow:  Yoga, then running.  If your parents want to get involved in our 5K in June, let me know.  We have First Aid and drink stations to set up and staff. 

I ran in the 80’s– yes people, the 80’s.  Before you were born.  Maybe before some of your parents were born.  No, that cannot possibly be right.  My first teaching job was in 1981!!  Anyway, I think why I stopped was that I never understood the connection between training and actually running.  I always just RAN.  The proper training makes all the difference.

Training correctly rocks.  See you tomorrow. (I’m so so happy for Manuel, you must know.)


7 thoughts on “Off to run

  1. i didn’t kno that there was a difference between proper training & just running!
    isn’t it pretty much the same thing?

  2. Yes, warming up and cooling down are important. Also, to run a long race like a 5K, you have to work up to it.

  3. u no wat my mile time before was 9min and 20 sec now my last mile time was 9min i took off 20 sec i wuz one sec off from being in the viper club IM AM SO PROUND OF MYSELF!!!! for getting such a good time

  4. Can we do the couch-to-5k again do day please .I really don’t like to doing yoga.

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