We were at Sierra today.  THEY ROCK!  Wow!  Their coaches and students were so helpful to our track team.  Thanks to Coach Shrock and Chapman and their students…

Check out Aneal and Kayson for their long jump.  Along with Justin and Brandon in the 4-6th grade age group.  The girls:  Onyx will do long jump…she positively swims in the air.  Cassidy loved the long jump and Miranda too.http://www.workingatmcmaster.ca/link.php?link=elr%3Aelr-resources-mlWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so psyched to see you in the sprint position and yelling *stick* in the relay practice.

Practice Monday and Tuesday 3:35-4:35 and Track meet next Thursday at Sierra.
Thanks to all the great parents!!

19 thoughts on “VERITAS TRACK TEAM!!!

  1. i love being on the track team! i wonder if i should do it when i get to sierra? Anyways im sorry i cant make it to practice i promise to practice at home with luz its just that i have to tutor and on the paper you said that we didnt have practice so i changed my dates to tueday and wendsday but now im missing two days but dont worry i will be prepared for this week not to mention fit for any and all competetion.So are you confident? do you think we’ll win i mean? I’m pretty confident

  2. Brittni, I think we have a really good shot of taking home some medals. Are you practicing with your medley team?

  3. wow practice at Sierra that day was oh so very fun…Kenisha made us laugh the whole time(WWAAA!!!)…Kayson surprised us when he made it over the edge…

  4. (OMG) i am soooooo scered about our track meet on fri. i know we’ll do fine but itz still lots of funnnnnnn!!!!!Mrs.vermeulen im still not sure about what i doin!! o well anywayz the clinic at sierra was{oh sooo vury fun} k-nisha waz super funny [WAAAHHH!!] hehe onnie!!!

  5. You’re gonna be great you guys. Don’t forget, you practice during 6th period tomorrow!

  6. i saw some ppl running for track today n their REALLY fast soo i think we’re going to win!

  7. hey good job to all those on the team ur doing a good job on representing veritas and also ur self for next year im

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