*Scoring in dodgeball is easy. If you have a concussion, you lose. If your face is not bruised, you win.* ~from Tim, the Soldier

I’m just saying.  That’s why we will never play it.

(Oh, and how to do the tinyurl thingy?  I just recently learned this.   Go to and copy and past that long link from above.  It will give you a new url, that is really, um, tiny.)  Check it out.

32 thoughts on “Dodgeball Is Evil

  1. we always play dodgeball at recess. vivian’s got thhose soft furry balls so we don’t really get hurt and it’s fun 2.

  2. yea it’s like natalie said all we need to play dodgebeball in pe is a soft ball that wont hurt otherwise its really fun!

  3. dodgeball???? evil please its the only game im ACTUALLY good at……..just kidding dont kill me mrs v!!!

    iT’S iN kIDS bLOOD tOOH pLAY dODGEBALL….wHAT cAN I sAY iS iN oUR dNA!!!! lOL

  5. i wish we could play dodgeball so i can hit people in the head just kidding but it is fun when you throw the ball.

  6. Amber, I have an English credential, and don’t have a PE credential, but I’m getting it. It’s an exciting venture for me. I’m trying to wrap my brain around it too, but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

  7. I LOVE DOGEBALL i want to play that sooooooooooooooo bad its sooooooooooooo fun.

  8. dodge ball is fun i think we should play more sports like Baseball/Softball. Softball is my favorite sport. I have been playing softball for seven years. I was going to play this year but because i moved it was too late for me to join

  9. I LUV dogeball its not bad and i dont think u can get a cuncusion….the object is to DODGE the ball not stand there and get hit

  10. Dodgeball is great, but it hurts. i’m good at catching and dodging balls. i use to play it at a youth center. i was the last player with like 2 staff members and 1 kid. i caught the kids ball and almost got hit, but then caught 1 staff’s ball. we got the last staff member out, but it was fun.

    anyway, i think it’s fun 🙂

  11. i love playing dodge ball because im really good at it but i hate when some one throwes it at your face.

  12. Mrs. Vermeulen if you are going into English then we should play dodgeball for PE because “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”.

  13. Also what is the worse that can happen, somebody gets knocked out. kidding. My grandpa used to help with this summer thing and one of the games was dodgeball and the balls werent really hard.

  14. doge ball is hecka fun u just thro the ball as hard as u can and hit some one

  15. awwww i lik dodgeball!!! iz fun nd u get 2 dodge balls!!! y do u think its so evil?

  16. I think any game that makes people afraid is not good. The slower kids can’t get out of the way as fast, and therefore are sorta terrorized. Just my personal opinion. 🙂

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