Yep, the rumors are true.  I’m going to FC next year to teach (!) English! 

We still have our 5K on June 4th, wtg on finishing Week 4, Day 2.  We are officially halfway through our training.

28 thoughts on “Changing Jobs

  1. UGH! Mrs.Vermeulen…………..did i spell that rite? been in ur class for almost a year and ud think id know by now how 2 spell ur name dont worry i will do 5 pushups in a minute! well why do ya have to go??? i mean its just weird knowing ur gonna be a LANGUAGE ARTS teacher o yeah io can picture that!!! haha i mean history is OK but LA get outta town i CANT believe it!!!

  2. yeah its great im happy for you but thats 2 teachers who leave us 1st mr.shen now you whos next?we are gonna miss you yelling at us all the time and your wacky yet cool project.wish you the best.


  3. mrs vermeulen ima miss u lots nd lots!!….who is gonna keep me fit ?? who gonna yell at me wen i forget something??we’ll miss u

  4. wow.
    well ur gonna a l.a. teacher huh?
    i guess it’s kinda weird how u are a science and p.e. teacher right now.n u were gonna be only a p.e teacher.but then now your gonna end up being a
    “l.a. teacher.”

  5. mrs.vermeulen nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u cant do that science without you isnt any fun

  6. I know, it is weird. However, I’m really excited about this school, because it gives me an opportunity to be a part of the solution. I always have considered myself a LA teacher; I was just teaching Science too.

    Remember when I used to say, “If you do a great Science project, but you can’t read your write up, is it still a great Science project?” Well, that my friends is writing.

    I’m a little shocked myself, and feeling excited for the new opportunity, but sad to leave our school. Navdeep, remember you will be in High School next year!!! I’m not leaving until the end of the school year.

    Thanks guys.

  7. good luck, ms. vermeulen! thanks you lots for bein’ my teacher for this short period of time i was in veritas. ;D

  8. 🙂 Beverly.

    Oh my…we still have 2 months to go. Lots of time to say Good Luck!

    How was your first portfolio??

  9. i know im gonna be gone but that doesnt mean ill never see you again and now(at the end of the year) you’re gonna be gone so that sucks but i hope you get used to you’re new skool ill miss u a lot!!!!!!!! but we still have 2 months left so lets make them the best!!!!!!!!!

  10. i cant believe it! i am happy for you but its so unfair all our teachers are leaving first mr.shen and now you! what about our p.e. you are the only teacher who inspires us to do the best. i will really miss you alot. we still have two months i hope we make them the best 🙂

  11. Hargun, we are going to have a great two months!!! I can still inspire you through this blog, okay??

  12. Mrs. vermeulen i’m goin’ 2 miss u sooo much. i think dat it will B good 4 u. best of luck!!!!!

  13. i dont want you to change jobs because u ar the best science teacher ever and when i did the work it was really fun

  14. awww i dont want you to leave =( *sob sob* oh oh and i made your flag!!! i’ll bring it to school tomarrow! =D

  15. I really apoligize to all of the track team and to the teachers for missing the track meet. And i especially apoligize to miss Vermuleun for missing it because i know she worked hard to put together the track team and i know i lost her trust and im going to work very hard to get it back

  16. Thanks Simmie. I’m proud of you for owning up to it. We all make bad decisions.


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