Here are the track results:

April 27, 2007

8 thoughts on “TRACK RESULTS

  1. we have lotz of fast runners on da team. i waz soooooo nervous!!!!!!!!wow i thought i could do da [[400]] but in dat heat i thought i waz goin ta die!!!!!! well’ good job everyone’ you guyz did awsome!!!!

  2. Kaley! You were a great runner! You did an excellent job on your relay, and thanks for doing that 200. I know it was tough…and HOT!

  3. ‘thanx’ mrs.vermeulen dat meanz a lot. It waz in deed super,super hottttt!!!!!!!hope itz not that hott next friday.

  4. It WAS hot, and I was tired just watching you guys.

    Our track meet is Thursday this week. I’m psyched!

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