Veggie of the week:  Asparagus!  It even has it’s own website.  The Asparagus Festival was this week in Stockton.

Last week:  zucchini

49 thoughts on “Veggie of the Week!

  1. I LUV ZUCCHINI!! I eat it probably twice a week. i especially luv it when it has some flavor to it. Much better tat way. I have eaten a raw zucchini, too, and it still tasted great. I’ve been eating zucchini ever since i was 3!! lol. hey have you ever gone to the asparagus festival? it’s next week and i heard tat a lot of people like that DEEP FRIED ASPARAUS. i was wondering if u knew wut it was since u seem like such an outgoing person. well if u don’t then i guess i’ll just have to go find out 4 myself. we’re going to tat festival next week cuz we got nuthin’ better 2 do. lol! part of me want to try it but the other part doesn’t want to. i mean come on, DEEP FRIED ASPARAGUS? tat’s sound ridiculous! they even have asparagus drinks, too. -_-

  2. I like zucchini its really good especially with butter and salt and pepper. Last night for diiner I had zucchin!!!

  3. uMmM
    yUck zuzznI???
    GrOsS iT’S oNli GooD
    DeeP fRiEd&& FaTInNiNg…
    [[karls Jr]]

  4. woo-hoo zucchini!!! i love this vegetable. but the thing is i only like when my mom cooks it. In the other hand I kinda don’t like it, because its kinda bitter.

  5. OpPs! dOnT i LoOk LikE A dUmiE!
    wHy dId i SpEll ZuChInNI…ZuZziNiE…..

  6. i love zuchini bread its heka had some yesterday at starbucks wit a carmel frap mm good

  7. Last night I had zucchini with broccoli and chicken. It was so good i love mixing seasonings into my veggies to make it have a little kick XD

  8. yeah…zucchini is oh so very gewd 2 eat…my dad makes it for dinner every once in a while…i used to hate it but it tastes better now!!!!

  9. I told my mom abt the zuccini thing and she said lets go 2 save mart and i literally begged her not to go but guess what thanks to mrs vermuelen’s blog she went and bought some :p blech its tasted like raw fish!!!! and nooooo it wasnt my moms cooking in case u were wondering !!!

  10. yea i had zucchni with salad it was’nt that bad actually i thought it was pretty good

  11. i am [[sooooooooooo]]sorry but zUcCiNnI’ iz so nastaaae!!!! my madre’ likez it deep fried{{ewwww}} i think i mite av spelled ZuCcInI wrong..”’ [[oOpS]]

  12. I love asparaus it is really good. Usually I always go to the asparagus festivla but i didnt get this time.

  13. hey Mrs. Vermuelen,did you go to the Asparagus festival??it was really hot and there was a lot of ppl there;;that fried asparagus was REALLY GOOD!!

  14. I LOVE STOCKTON! =] did you go? it was fun!!! lol i knew most of the people there [;

  15. Why can’t you do something tasty, like garlic, that stuff might make you stink, but it can flush impurities out of your system

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