I really shouldn’t have put the school counter on the website.  57 days seems like, well an eternity.  Here’s the hardest part.  Most schools are out on May 30th or so, and we have yet another month.  I’m really looking forward to losing this schedule.

That picture makes me want to go desperately to water.  Any water.  I love Bass Lake, but that isn’t exactly what it looks like.  Here’s the real deal…I just need to relax.  (Bass Lake…uuber cool)

I’m so digging running.  But I’m gaining weight.  Time to cut out the late night cereal that I love so much.http://www.sife.org/news/news_item.asp?NewsID=71Tony the Tiger is not my friend these days.

51 thoughts on “Vacation Thoughts

  1. {{OMG}}the lake,,( that soundz sooo nice rite now, especially sinz star testing iz comin’ up.it wood be nice too just get away 4 a couple uv dayz’. soooo peaceful.

  2. Yeah, Mexico. I’ve been to Puerta Vallarta and Mazatlan, but that’s it.

  3. That would b so great right now, i really need to relax and get rid of all this stress

  4. I want to go to Spain again…. When i went it was the perfect time to go it was nice and sunny and had the best weather, it could possibly have. That’s where i would go for a vacation….

  5. yea i think the lake sounds nice and calm. i think it would be perfect to let go off all the stress

  6. a vacation is what i need to.
    im going to santa cruz this friday and im taking alexandra w. me. “cant wait!!!”

  7. Im going on a criuse to ALASKA!!! i was kinda shocked cuz were going on a beachy cruise to a place where it’s always cold and icy!!!! wow…..buh watever there’s things to do on board to keep me happy!!!! iwanna take a picture with a penguin for Mrs.Ryan!! lol

    _Much Love_

  8. for vacation i want to go to i ther tiawana in mexico or go to portoricho or even the virgin islands

  9. I really need a vacation I am not use to having to go to school in june it is going to be a change for me. I love the water it is the best. My favorite place to go swimming or camping during the summer is to woodward reservor. My family and I go up there every summmer.

  10. i can’t wait for summer, either. ‘though, i’m not lookin’ forward to the weather. i absolutely dislike the blazing heat. i know for certain i’m goin’ to be indoors most of the summer tryin’ to keep cool. mannn, i miss the rain and winter already. lols.

  11. I cant wait to graduate!!!
    It will be weird leaving elementry school but it’ll be okay ((i hope))
    Well during vacation i hope to go swimming alot and hang out with friends and family.

  12. I’m going to weaverville to see my family from Michigan (we’re meeting there)

  13. I’m not too sure on what I’m gonna do for my vacation ._. I think I might go to LA for the 4th of July…Heh,I don’t know 🙂

  14. i love the beach.ecpecially in Mexico.lol.well anyways Imma go there for vacation with mi madre and mi papa..lol.well anyways I love the picture MRs. Vermeulen..I think I saw it from ask.jeeves.j/k

  15. yes.
    i knoww what youu mean.
    8thh grade has been so stressful latelyy
    but fridayyy
    coleen& I
    are going to SANTA CRUZ!

  16. this summer i want to vacation somewhere different like the south or something like that but i have to think about that because bugs arent my bestfriends!

  17. i desperately need a vacation. last year i went to orlando, florida and went to disneyworld. it was REALLY fun. except for one place in disneyworld called epcot. there was nothing to do there. but other than that it was great.

  18. well im not goin anywhere cool dis summer but i am going to japan in december =]

  19. i am going on a cruse if that is how u spell it and then go to mexico cant wait!!!

  20. my dad has been thinking of going camping this weakend to have some fun on our jet boat and go swimming and just relax………

  21. i need a vacation man I”m tired of staying in the same spot and see the sa=me people i wish i could go to




  23. I want to go to Hawaii I have never ben there and it sounds so relaxing.Also I heard Jamaica was pretty cool.

  24. i was supposed to go to Hawaii with my dad for work, but we couldnt go anymore because we had to move HERE TO MANTECA!!! RAWR LOL

  25. I’ve been to Bass Lake that place is sooo nice =D and the next vacation im going to go to is Hawaii when im 15 -_-‘ long time but i can wait =D

  26. when its summmer im ging to Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk im going to all the fun rides with my cousi im going to go to the Double shot like i did last time whoo yeah its gonna be blast

  27. Well u guys r lucky well ive been to asia and europe etc im lucky too! But i HATE road trips guess what we went up and down USA and side to side and get this??!!!?? Diagonal too!!!!!!!! haha we r going to Alaska next. Im about to go beg my dad not too!

  28. aYE iiSNT baSS lAKE whERE tHEY fiiLMED tHAT moVIE….uMMM…oHH yAA wiiTHOUT a pADDLE……….
    aM ii riiGHT or am ii riiGHT? iiF iiM riiGHT thEN iVE bEEN tHERE heKA tiiMES…bUH tWO oF tHE tHREE tiiMES tHA iiVE beEN tHUR iiH wAS wiinTER && heKA hEKA cOLD!! =P ♥&spadES;♣♥

  29. i feel as if i am going on vacation somewhat yet i still have loads of work to do. my portfolio i will be giving to alexandra tonite bacause i started yesterday and i was up till one last nite and i didnt get finishes so just a few more touches and ill be done my cover chapter 9 and 19 and the table of contents thats it

  30. i want to go to ALANTA GA..because it is fun i went out there to visit my auntie and we went to go visit alanta tech school and ot is soo cool im going to go there and om going to join the step team becuz i love to step…buh n-e-wayz I LUVV ALANTA IM GOIN DERE DIZ SUMMA[[HA HA]]

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