The average student spends 90 minutes per night on homework. The time is broken down as follows:

15 min. looking for the assignment

11 min. calling a friend for the assignment

23 min. explaining why the teacher is mean and just doesn’t like children

8 min. in the bathroom

10 min. getting a snack

7 min. checking the tv schedule

6 min. telling parents the teacher never explained the assignment

10 min. sitting at the table waiting for mom or dad to do the assignment.

32 thoughts on “Is this you????

  1. lol funny! =] that sounds like me! but except i dont tell my parents that the teacher didnt explain it to me because they wouldnt believe me if i tried lol

  2. heh that’s funny but i spend about 90 mins cuz i dose off for about 70 mins =^.^=

  3. yeah.,.. just kidding i would never do that….you know me….i am a good kid…and im cool…a little to cool for school…

  4. hey!!

    no thats totally not me……..well, maybe just a lil no no i dont think so not me thansk to dad who will flip if i dont do my homework he will make me read ahead in my science book if i dont have any homework but hey thats why im so smart lol

  5. hEY! tHAT sOUNDS lIKE mEI!
    wELL eXCEPT fOR thE 8 mIN. iN tHA bATHROOM….
    =/ wELL i hAVE tOOH go && dO tHESE hRW qUIZS….sO i guESS iM

  6. lols. uhmn, not me at all. i like to get all my homework done, study awhile, then go do whatever it is i want to do.

  7. i personally spend more then ninety(90) minutes on homework i spend an average of 5 hours on my home because i put effort into it and by the way is it possible to get my homework from all my teachers if there is any?

  8. my bads the one above is mine i didnt change the name and my lil brother is using my email address

  9. lol well the only things i do in here are..
    looking for the assignment [everybody does that]
    & spending time in the kitchen eatin
    & mAYBE the computer but thats usually it.

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