I can’t believe that I ran all the 8 minutes required on our 5K training yesterday.  I can’t believe it.  And, I wasn’t tired.  I was so excited.  I’ve said this before, but the reason I gave up running in the 80’s, was because I didn’t train properly. 

I can’t wait to do the PE minutes over the weekend.  20 minutes jog after the 5 minute walk.  Tomorrow, or Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Run with me.

  1. {{yeah}} Zach we could’ve used u on da team….
    runin’ iz fun (sOmTiMeS) but i like basketball betta’ {[bAlLiN’]} haha!!!!!

  2. i didn’t know where else 2 put this so i thought i should put it here since it is about running anyways, but HEY, Mrs. V. when did u take pic’s?!?! i saw all the pictures & they were funny!! i didn’t know u took pic.s during our mile. maybe i was running 2 fast tat i couldn’t c u. oh well! u should put sum in the yearbook, especially the funny 1’s like Chris doing tat thumbs-up, and sum other ppl.

  3. I know, aren’t those great? And I love the pic at the top of the blog. For a minute here this morning, it had the look of one of my other blogs, but it’s back. Are you in the picture??

  4. Im actually starting tp like running. its kinda weird. It now a lot easier for me now = ]]

  5. ♥ThE 5k ArEn’T tHaT hArD……JuSt DoNT EaT a BuNcH oF ChIpS b4 Yo0h RuN!!!LoL♥

    _Much Luv_

  6. lol.. running isnt really my thing.. just so you knoe. at my old school… they made us run, but they didnt push us as hard as you guys do here.

  7. yEa i think that our school would win alot of track meets cuz we have alot of good people that can run really fast like [[zOom]]!!!!

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