As usual, a great workout song for your iPod.  (Don’t forget to download legally)…I had to change the iPod page to a weekly post.  I think it gets lost up there.

The song is Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice

We thought Vanilla Ice was very cool in 1990.  First rapper.  Hair?  Scary.  Still like this song, and 5th period, well, it just makes me want to do push-ups to the beat.  Then Mountain Climbers.  Then push-ups.  Well, you get the picture.  It was fun.


23 thoughts on “iPod song of the week

  1. its waz really hard for the first five minutes of running but listening to my ipod makes it alot easier

  2. i didn’t know where else to put this and since this IS about music i thought tat i should put it here. So i am responding to a comment that you had posted on my blog and No, i did not find it on eBay. At first i was just looking for guitar pictures on Yahoo! and then the next day we were in Stockton driving around and then i spotted this music place. It was called Music-Go-Around and i decided to go check it out. And when we started to walk in i saw my guitar!! i didn’t think that they would actually make one of those kinds but i guess they really do. so now i know where my guitar is and i know where they make it at, too, so if my guitar is bought we can make a special order for a new one.

  3. I’ve heard that song before. it is a realy old song, but i’ve heard it and its ok

  4. I thought dat [[vanilla ice]] waz cute in hiz {{ice ice,,baby}}video,,,so did my madre’….YeP,YeP….i know all da wordz 2 dat song,becuzz of my mom


  6. lol VANILA ICE ICE BABE’AYY!! LOL that’s
    funny. my cousin stephanie used to have this
    doll that sang that song nd we used to learn the
    lyrics so that we could sing with it! =]

  7. This song is funny but its good to use in PE. Its sort fo fun in 5th period, after we’re done running that you play this song and we do push ups to it. But its a good song to run to, especially wheny ou know the words XDXD

  8. wow I used to love that song when I was in the 4th grade..It’s all right NOW i guess.

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