Maroon 5

I just downloaded their new CD, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, and I must thank (Patricia~My Thought Bubble) , who suggested this group.  I love all the songs on this CD, but my absolute favorite, is Better That We Break.

It’s not a workout song, but you’ll need this on your iPod.  I have a new format:  When you let your mouse hover on the following link, there will be a play button that comes up on the screen…just hit *play* and the song will stream to you!


11 thoughts on “iPod song of the week

  1. lol mrs vermeulen….i lik makes me wonder beter though! but how do u put songs on ur blog?lol -.-


  2. I love Maroon 5’s new songs!!!! The have a certain uniqueness to them that I just have to listen!

  3. lol I LOVE THAT SONGG!!lol. my sister said taht thee one int he middle is cute! =] lol but i dont think soo.

  4. Hmmm maroon 5 dont know why but makes me wonder well makes me wonder

    R they losing their touch?

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