Here is a great running forum for teens!!!  Of course it’s found on  We are two weeks away from our first 5K!!!

If you read the teen runner’s forum above, remember to read the internet safety guidelines in the blogroll.  I’m excited to have found this site, and hope you find it helpful!!

I haven’t run a 5K since 1985.  That’s 22 years, for you Math people.  I’m going to do it though.  The training has been amazing.

Rock on, way cool runners!!  Here’s an oldie from Steppenwolf, Born to be Wild.  Ask your parents.  Wait, scratch that.  I think I’m older than some of your parents…


Remember, we are on Week 8, 28 minute run 3x this week.

12 thoughts on “Way Cool Running

  1. omg! you did this back in 1985 i can believe it!!! and yes the training has been amazing 🙂
    although im starting to get tired but i have to remeber that i cant give up just yet and im amazed that were already on week 8!!
    today we did the 28 minutes and it was really hard since it was outside in the hot sun but i made it without stopping so yay!!!

  2. You did this in 1958 thats really cool.The training is really getting easier.

    (I’m helping Anmol with his subtraction. He meant 1985.)

  3. 22 years ago? wow, was it hard? i’m gonna train to get at least to the finish line jogging all the way. yesterday was kind of hard at first, and i got RSI on my back, but i kept going and finished.

  4. Julian here wow you did this thats hecka good Training for this has been a little bit hard but i got over it im doing better and better each day that goes by….. 🙂 My Enndurnce has gotten much higher from this so im glad to be doing this because i need this excersize for soccer..

  5. I wish I could run the 5k with you guys!!!!! When I read my brother’s permission slip I was so excited because by then I would be done school…But my parents have to work!! I am so bummed!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t even know!!!! Hope to see everyone soon!!!

  6. Every time I do the exercise at school and at home on the weekends, I feel really good after I do it. Yesterday, on Thursday, I ran the whole way without even stopping!!! I sprinted as fast as I could for ten seconds because I felt good!!! I didn’t think I could do that, I realy pushed myself!

    Anyways, I can’t wait to run the 5K!!!


  7. 22 yrs………..

    22 days……….

    uh whats the difference? lol You look like youve been doing it since the day u were born =]

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