dillon-normal-school-1922_gladys_florence.jpgMy grandmother, Gladys Metcalf is on the top.  Her sister is below.  It was 85 years ago this June, that they graduated from High School.  Double click it to see it a bit larger.

My nephew Matt looks exactly like her.

I wanted to share this picture.  She was a teacher, too.

10 thoughts on “~1922~

  1. wow. that’s amazing! i’ve never seen pictures that old before. && it’s fascinating that your history is still known to you, ’cause i have no idea where my grandmother went to school and any of my older relatives for that matter. && in some way that i see it, you carried on the legacy of becoming a teacher like herself.

  2. Like beverly, i don’t really kno my family’s heritage either n i can’t research it here cuz it’s another country’s history. That’s great that ur family keeps old pictures for reference of the past.

  3. Oh, that’s cool. hmmm… I think that’s when My great-grandpa graduated

  4. amm well like ann i cant track down my history but i think i have some info. but thats cool that you have a refrence from you’re family from the past.

  5. Dang..you still have the picture of your gradmother. Wow! That’s really awesome, i guess being a teacher runs your family.

  6. wow is ur family a teacher type of family? jk. when i was looking through our photo albums 2 days ago i found a LOT of pictures of my family, relatives, aunts, uncles, and MORE people!!! it was fun to look at them though. I saw my great-grandmother, from my mother’s side, who just recently died a month ago and i saw my great-great-grandmother, also from my mother’s side, who is 92 years old or 98…i forgot but i had fun looking through them. I also saw tons of pictures of my brother and myself. we were so funny back then, especially my brother. My brother was very naughty when he was young and was always hyper. I was quiet, even when i was a baby!!! but now i’m hyper and my brother is quiet!!! maybe it’s because he’s gotten more mature now?? well, i still had fun though. I luv looking through family albums. I also went over to Jennifer C.’s house one day and we were bored so we started looking through her family album and it was so funny!! i wish i could tell you all the details but then Jennifer would get mad at me. lol!!!

  7. whoa. that was a long time ago. lol that’s cool though. were they teachers too?? lol or were you the only one in thee FAMBAM?! [;

  8. My grandmother was a teacher. I don’t know about her sister. In those days, women could only hold a few jobs. Mainly teaching, or nursing.

    My grandmother was really smart. I remember when she would pray, she always looked up, when everyone else looked down. We made these cool stained glass bead things that you baked in the oven.

    Her yard was a huge grassy area that went down into a big forest-y like place. We swung on a tire swing and climbed in trees. My grandfather grew tomatoes, and we always caught the big tomato worms.

    I have a lot of fond memories of them. I remember my grandfather’s office in the house. He had a big desk with a big light over it. You pushed a button and it came on. They had a slot in their front door for the mailman.

    Wow, I haven’t thought about that place in San Marino in a long, long time.

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