First of all, this is so exciting…We are the number one school in San Joaquin County for the Governor’s Challenge  I can’t believe we finally passed Wicklund. (When you get to this page, click on *region*…from the pull-down menu pick Gold Country Region)

And, it’s official.  I’ve started beefing up my Language Arts and Literature links in my blogroll, because let’s face it, I am moving to a whole new area.  I’ll still keep the PE links, some of them, because I will always believe that you have to be fit to learn. 

So, a part of me is sad.  I gave my Science stuff to a teacher friend at McParland, and as he carted off some of the coolest stuff, I just thought, *Yeah, that’s great…He will do all that fun stuff with new students.*    As I’m aging, I really believe you have to travel light in this world.  Why do I need Science lessons, (even if the Newton Cars are just about the most fun project we did all year)?  I can get them again, if I ever teach Science again.

Onward and upward.  If you have any literature suggestions for my new journey, post them here.  I’d appreciate it.  This song is for you.  PE & Science has been a blast.


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