from Wikipedia:  Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday that is observed on the final Monday of May (observed this year on 2007-05-28). It was formerly known as Decoration Day. This holiday commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country.

Yes, boys and girls, there is actually a reason for this holiday.  Not just known as *our last break for a month*.  There is a real reason for Memorial Day.  It’s to honor and remember all who have died in service.  Do you know anyone?  All of my family seems to be Navy.  From my Grandfathers, great uncles, etc.  My nephew was on the Kitty Hawk when the Iraqi conflict broke out in 2002.  My Dad was in the Army Reserves.  I’m thankful that none of them died in service.

If you know someone, please tell us about him or her.  And yeah, have a great big bbq too.  Just remember, that somewhere, someone is missing someone they love.  And raise your Pepsi to them.  I think there are memorial services at Ripon & Manteca cemeteries.  Try to go, if you can.

Click on the music to hear a patriotic tribute!


15 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2007

  1. hey omg im so excited for memorial day…..cant wait. ….heke yes we have a 3 day weekened…what anyways how everyone has a good 3 day weeked and dont have to much i think that we are gonna have a bbq are soomethin in memory of the people that have passed..

  2. My great grandfather was a pilot i think n one of the top ones too..but he was serving another country, Thailand. He’s still alive today!

  3. My great-grandpa was in vietnam, Thank goodness he’s still alive though… I never knew why we had Memorial Day, that’s pretty interesting.

  4. for memorial day i`m just going to spend time with my dad since he was in the vietnam war.

  5. we should realy spend memorial dayy remembering people who passed away fighting for our country, not just being happy about sleeping in.

  6. my birth day is memorial day im going to santa cruz on sunday and styin home for my party

  7. lol YAY!!!! LOL NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY! LOL that means party on friday, party on saturday, party on sunday! THEN SLEEP ON MONDAY. LOL jk!!! well.. ugh… iono my great grandpa was in the army lol does that count?

  8. My great grandfather was in World War II. He died last year though, of course not because of when he was in the war, but because he was old. I am going to spend memorial day thinking about him.

  9. Both of my grandfathers fought for our country in WWII. My grandfather who passed away in April, was Army – airborne and fought against Hitler’s army in France and Germany. He came home with several medals and a Purple Heart, but you could never call him a hero. He would get mad and tell you that the heroes were the ones who did not come home.
    My other grandfather, who is still alive at 88 – enlisted in the Navy – as did some of his brothers. His war stories are a little different. He fought against the Japanese in the Pacific – boat to boat.

  10. Oh, I forgot to add – every time you see an American Flag – you should remember that those Stars and Stripes represent the lives of many who died in order for that flag to fly. Say a silent thank you every time you see our flag and remember the sacrfice made by so many.

  11. we celebrated memorial whole family and i were pretty busy.fri we had to go to tracyy for a prayer for my grandmother;sat we had a viewingg for my grandmother;sun we went swimming; mon. we celebrated my dads bday which was actually on sat;;pretty fun weekend

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