Here’s the Playlist from the 5K

U + Ur Hand~Pink

What I’ve Done~Linkin Park

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs~Fall Out Boy

Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)~Enrique Iglesias

Big Girls Don’t Cry~Fergie

This Is My Now~Jordan Sparks

Good Directions~Billy Currington

I Don’t Care~Ricky Martin featuring Amerie & Fat Joe

Makes Me Wonder~Maroon 5

Looking Good, Feeling Good~RuPaul

Rhythm Of The Night~corona

Invincible~Ok Go

Run It~Chris Brown

Blitzkreig Bop (Hey, Ho, Let’s Go)~The Ramones

Here It Goes Again~Ok Go

Whip It~Devo

Grace Kelly~Mika

Wind It Up~Gwen Stefani

Gone Daddy Gone~Gnarls Barkley

Wild Wild West~Escape Club

Joy~Apollo 100

Fun music~Hope you had a good time too!!!
Love, Sue

51 thoughts on “5K Playlist

  1. yea i really liked the songs in the playlist but i only heard them when i passed by but still i heard half of them and they were really good 🙂

  2. the songs that were being played i barely heard but, some of the songs that played i really like.

  3. as i ran the 5K i only probly herd a part of U + Ur Hand~Pink, the end of What I’ve Done~Linkin Park, some of Here It Goes Again~Ok Go, and probly some other songs.but other then that the play list had great songs to listen to while runing by.

  4. The songs from the 5k playlist was good……I liked some songs on the playlist,but it was still good.

  5. The 5K Was Easier Then I Thought And I Got Fourth Place For 8th Grade Boys 😀

  6. ohhh…i like some of those songs, i didnt know that jordan sparks had a song out already?..malinda shoud have won american idol tho!.

  7. i LOVED a lot of these songs but not many….a lot got on my nerves becasue i don’t like them..but most of the songs i liked

  8. I liked a lot of the songs and it was nice that we got to listen to some music while we were running. I loved the 5k it was really fun.

  9. whoa…I didn’t even know that many songs had played during the 5K 😀 Heheh…Oops.
    I guess I was too focused on running to notice the music 🙂

  10. i could barely hear the songs..i didn`t know they played dat many songs, buhH i could hear some of them && i liked it so i`ma download some of the songs that i liked that were playing :]

  11. i cannot stop thinkin about the ping pong song im a huge fan of enrique inglesias and it somewhat didnt sound like him but it was a really cool song

  12. i didn’t know they had chris brown on when we were running the 5k… im still sore from it too… and i hope it gets better tomorrow b4 the TNT ….

  13. Yeah, listening to music while running made the 5K easier, but man was I tired afterward! 🙂

  14. i like the songs in the 5k,, because it made it a little easy to run..snd i thought that the 5k was funn..

  15. when i get home i`m downloading these songs. i agree with jessica i barely heard the songs either.

  16. great pick…that music was really what I needed, and what fit my motivation …I don’t know how you do it, but you do pick good songs

  17. I like alot of these songs.
    When i get home im going to go search on itunes for them.
    The 5k was awsome!!!
    thanks Mrs. Vermeulen


  19. are you going to play those songs for tomorrow in P.E. when we do butts-in’guts???…or was it TNT???

  20. The ping pong song sounds nice. it gets addicting. i like some of these songs, but didn’t really get to here them on the 5k…

  21. Yes..I really liked the music that was playin while we ran the 5k….I reall liked the Fergie Big Girls Dont Cry and the PingPong song…lol….I think that those where my favorite 2..well even though we barely could hear anything i still got a good run because I had my iPod…:)…. I also hope that when where in the gym doin P.E we can also have great music like that.

  22. i like the 5k playlist my favorite song in this paly list is the ping pong song is really good

  23. Here’s my one little bit of passive aggressive behavior. Students, cover your ears…I didn’t know that a LOT of these songs have bad words (no no words for Jr. High) sprinkled throughout the lyrics…I promise, I didn’t know.

    Two district officials were there. I really didn’t know. However, now that I know, and considering all the went on the week before the event, these songs are righteously appropriate.

    Students, you can carry on now…

    The Ping Pong song. Can’t get it out of my head either.

  24. i liked most of the songs that were getting played on the 5k, then again i couldnt hear most of them

  25. mrs. vermeulen i luv {{{Enrique}}} u had some good songz on dat!!! 2 bad i dnt really hear all those songz………..

  26. Those are some realyy good songgs Mrs. Vermuelen;;to bad i didn’t gehh to here all of it around the whole entire school;; Makes Me Wonder is a great song!

  27. i listened 2 the songs wen my ipod froze… u played some nice songs there mz vermulen! i like big girls dont cry nice song but sad!! makes me wonder and THNKS FR TH MMRS are awesme songs!!

  28. i liked tha song thay waz good when i waz listenin but then again i wasnt payin attention most of da time

  29. i didnt hear all of them, but the ones i did were all good. the 5k was so much fun, and now i wish we could do it again….

  30. Hey Mrs. Vermeulen, I thinkt that it is awsome that we were in the newspaper. When I was eating in the morning, I started to read it and I just could not stop!!! I think it is awsome!!!


  32. Love your Music Mrs. V!!!! especially Fall Out Boy =D (i looooooove that song) XD i had a real good time!! Thanks Mrs. V you were a real good teacher…..

  33. WOW, you people are lucky, thats a great list of songs!!! I love Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy!! The PingPong song is okay, but I’m so proud of you guys for persevering and finishing the 5K! Congratulations!!!

    Love Ya

  34. I loved the songs that were played during the 5k it helped me out alot when I was running!!It was soo much fun it made me feel like I can do anything in the world after because it seemed so hard in the beginning!!
    Love Always,

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