Tired?  13 Days Left.  13.  Better be ready, because next week is Finals Week.  It’s also Dead Week, so you’ll have no extra homework.

Anyone making up the 5K…be ready Monday, 5th period.

Here is the schedule for Finals Week:

Monday:  Science

Tuesday:  Math

Wednesday:  Language Arts & Health Blog


Friday:  Social Studies

Good Luck!

9 thoughts on “13 days

  1. You people are lucky, well I got out two weeks ago (I THINK), but today I started summer school, (no, I didn’t fail)! I’m taking world history in summer school so I don’t have to take it during my sophmore year, you know, getting ahead. Make sure all you incoming freshman apply next year. It really helps!!!

  2. Can’t wait till finals week is over…im so tired of studyingg…i hope aLL that hard work really paid off

  3. wow not much left is there? I’m really goning to miss you Mrs. V … you really did help me through the school year…

  4. Lol i hope Vivian is right. =DDDD PARTY WOOOO!!!!! i really wanna listen to my music during school though >.> YEAHHHHH PARTY!!!! XD

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