study-alligators-c.jpgDeal  Deal with your issues one at a time.  Remember the old saying:

“If you’re in a pond full of alligators shoot the one that’s closest to you first!”

(My Dad gave that one to me)

26 thoughts on “good advice for finals week

  1. I get it.
    yeah…the advice would help me for all the assignments due next week.

  2. Thats good advice because the one closest to you will probably eat you first so that is goood advise. It is true that you do need to deal with your issues one at a time.

  3. yyeaaa i get it and its really good advice too its just like saying do the hard things first and the nthe easy 🙂 nice advice though

  4. that pic scared me casue i was scrolling down and it was just there and im afraid of reptiles
    -_-‘ but i liked reptile ron though

  5. i know this is kinda off topic for this post post but i just want to thank really much mrs.vermeulen!!!!!!!! i lost my finals paper and then i tried looking it up on you’re school homepage and it was there!!!!!!!! thank god
    anyways thank u 🙂 now im almost done yay!!!!


  6. thats some good advice….i mean reall y would u shoot one thats 2 feet away when theres one by your foot….lol

  7. That’s some great advice.If alligators were surrounding me i’d shoot the first one closest to me!

  8. haha i get it. that’s a good one. i think my dad or my sister told me that one. i cant remember. lol

  9. wait i think i get it now.. study for the finals in order of how close you are from having them???

  10. AHhaahh. When i first heard that i didn’t get it, i had to think it over.
    but after some thought i get it!

    Well that’s a good quote, it’s a good tip.

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