I drove 2.5 hours ONE WAY to pick up a bazillion literature books from my friend Mr. Halford.  Oh, we had a great time.  Ate at Hula’s, went to the movies.  But the drive.  The drive is insane.  All stop signs and driving 40mph and I was a bit frustrated and carsick when I got home.

I look over these books and stuff, and wonder…will I be able to teach my next batch of students to love to read?  Will they want to write their innermost thoughts and tell me their dreams?  I’m concerned that it all boils down to state testing….testing…testing…What kind of reader would I be if I had been made to reflect on every single book I read as a Jr. High student?  Why can’t they just read? 

Well, perhaps I need to teach them how to simply enjoy the book.  I love the smell of a new book.  Crack it open in the middle.  Breathe deeply.  My own little heaven.

Today is the 72nd birthday of my little sobriety society.  My friends are coming over for breakfast and gratitude…the perfect pair.  28 years sober.  My what a journey it’s been.

Sunday.  Ahhhh….a good book, a Diet Coke and quiet.  Sounds perfect.

9 thoughts on “Ah…Chico

  1. Okay, so now you can feel my pain when you all make me come down there. You also forgot to mention my the cool coffee cup you got!

  2. Yes, a rockin’ coffee cup. I loves ya Robby, and now am reading you on feed. Blog on, my friend. It will make you feel better.

  3. lol that sounds fun. Well its nice to relax after a whole week of stress, i wish i could drive so i can go whereever i wish.

    A good book sounds good.

  4. I love to read. i actually jus finished reading the book watchers by dean koonze. its a really good book check it out

  5. wow, you’re really working hard and that’s great, too!!! you must be really committed and ready to become an English/Language Arts teacher.
    Don’t worry, we’ll support you, even thought we won’t see you anymore and you won’t see us anymore, as well. But we’re your loyal students so no matter how far we are just remember that if YOU were able to teach us, YOU will be able to teach those students at French Cmp!!!!!

  6. This sounds peaceful enough to fall asleep to lol and i dont favor the smell of a newly bought book. It has a funny smell to it. but I hope your new batch of students will enjoy the books you bring to share with the class.. intreging

  7. IT SOUNDS like that time i drove 4 hours from and back although it was worth it i liked that project of legos

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