I’m weighing in here.  I loved the ending of the Sopranos.  It was amazingly real.  I still can’t believe Melfi fired Tony, though.  I wrestled with that more than the ending. 

My unfinished business with The Sopranos:

What was the significance of Meadow’s poor parallel parking issue?
AJ–what a fruitcake.  He’s making movies, he’s joining the army, he’s working at a pizza joint.  He is all of us, really.

Tony.  I do love him.  Outrageous, disgusting, appealing, cool.  An irate father, a dishonest husband, a really really BAD friend.

Carmela.  She really knew all along, didn’t she?  She had to play the game to get the stuff that made the man and the family *work*.

Junior…where are his teeth?  That place was horrid.

Silvio…coma?  His wife filing his toenails was a truly gross shot.

I miss Christopher.  The cat had it right all along.  Christopher didn’t die.

And here is the final song:  By Journey.


PS-I found this on a blog and it helped me to understand the finale a bit better:
Most people have missed the subtle clues that Tony was already dead when he arrived for the final dinner. He in effect did not realize he was dead until Meadow opened the door and he looked up.

The clues are as follows:
Tony is not wearing the same shirt seated as he had on when he walked in.
Tony pauses and he looks up to see himself seated at the table.
Aj walks in as if the guy in the Members Only jacket was not present ( a fellow ghost or the guy who pulls the trigger when Meadow opens the door and Tony goes to black)
The black guys and the guy in the USA hat give futher credibility that Tony is dead watching himself.
Check the episode when Tony had a near death experience in Orange County, as the ending was exactly the same type down to the song, AJ commenting about onion rings yet when they arrive Tony then remarks that he ordered them before they all got there.

I like everyone else thought originially that Chase’s fade to black was to leave the ending to our imagination, but now I am convinced it was a masterful way of showing that Tony was dead already!!! Best show ever in the history of T.V. !!!


13 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. my mom liked it too but i fell asleep to it not that it was boring i was tired but she said she liked that show

  2. Yeahh…i tired to watch it but it was REALLY boring but i heard silvio iz dead. R.I.P?

  3. i remember when my Uncle Ben used to watch this show. Whenever i would sleep over at my cousin’s house, he used to watch it. We used to make fun of him. lol We’d sit there with him and say that…” WE DON’T GET IT” LOL =] (R.I.P NINO BEN! MAY YOU REST IN PEACE!) =]

  4. Shawnelle, I’m sorry about your uncle.

    Melany, Silvio is in a coma I think. Or playing with Bruce Springsteen right now.

  5. I nEVEr wATCHed THE SOPRANOS…tHis RadIO ShOW On DiRecTV SaiD ThAT THe FinAL EpisoDes WEre HORrible…

  6. even i hate last episodes cauz they make me sad cauz there wont be any new and u will hav to watch reruns not that i dont lik to watch reruns i do.ive seen an episode or 2 of sopranos never took interest in it idky those episodes were pretty boring

  7. well of course i’ve heard of the spranos, who hasn’t?
    but i never saw it bfore, but i heard it on the radio the other day…

  8. Aww man the sapranos dat show is so raw but they need to stop playing reruns somtimes i wonder why they play the same episodes back 2 back?

  9. The Guy With The Beard Looks Like The Guy Who Played Johnny In The Movie Alpha Dog

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