The Brick:                              brick.jpg

Here’s the story: 

My father went to college in Moscow, Idaho at the University of Idaho.  We were all there a few years ago, and saw that the fraternity house, Phi Gamma Delta had a *brick* project.  You could pay some money, and they would put the name of the fraternity brother, and his pledge year on a brick, and put it into the cement outside of the house.  Sort of a momento/fundraiser.

This was four years ago.  We never heard about the brick again.  In December, I started calling.  Then Kenny, my beloved BIL tried to get them to finish the job, and Laura, my sister called also.   They said they couldn’t put it in because of the snow.  By spring, the members we worked with had left the alumni positions that they held.  Last week, I started again my round of emails, phone calls, etc.

Thanks to Ken Nuhn, who is the new advisor of the chapter, he got Jim Hill to photograph the brick and send it to me just in time for Father’s Day.  The brick will be going in the house soon.  Here is the email he sent to me.  It really warmed my heart.

“…Your father’s gift to the House is important to me personally.  I have some pledge brother’s bricks at the house; those brothers have passed ‘Ad Astra’ before me so the bricks mean a lot every time I visit.  I also want your father’s brick to be near your uncle’s, and will do the best I can to do that.  Please give him my best wishes on Father’s Day!  I have two sons; if someone drops the ball on something that is important to our family, I hope they will act as you have to get things done!”

Ken Nuhn, ‘75

Purple Legionnaire

Mu Iota of Phi Gamma Delta

Our perseverance paid off again, and my Dad’s brick will soon be in place.  I tell ya, it’s a big relief.  Just can’t wait to actually see the brick in cement.

Happy Father’s Day.  Give your Dad a big hug.  Mine is the very best.  I love you, Dad.  don-shut-up-and-fish.jpg

This song always reminds me of you.   All of Johnny Cash does, actually.



PS-Part 2 of this story is very long.  Suffice it to say, after all of this, that’s the wrong year on his brick.  He graduated in 1955.  **sigh**  But, thanks to Ken, who is saving the day in a very LONG story.

13 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Yes happy father’s day to all dads they deserve it.They are the man of the house,the person who feeds the house most of the time…I love my dad too.

  2. hey ya me to I just want to say Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. I agree that all the fathers deserve everything they get… I think that all the fathers out there deserve everything because they had to put up with us…Na just kidding… Thanks Dads for everything you have done for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. man my dad stuck wit me through all this stuff to he helped me to be all that i could be i dont how ima tell him

  4. we went to Chili’s for father’s day and it was my first time eating their, too, and they have HUGE dishes and they’re all loaded or packed with all kinds of food!!! i ordered the Southwestern eggrolls and i when i was finished eating them i was all full. but we had a great time. next time we’re planning to try out Applebee’s.

  5. for father`s day we bought my dad a motorcycle. he`s been wanting it for a while. i don`t know what kind it is but it looks pretty cool.

  6. i know this is out of topic but my brother’s name is Kenny but since he’s grown up we call him Ken but whenever he makes me mad i call him Kenny to make him mad.


  8. I hope every one had a great Father’s Day and told their father or someone who they think of as a father happy fathers day!!HAPPY FATHER`S DAY TO MY DADDY!!I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH!!


  9. my dad had the best fathers day in sunday! My me my mom and sisters all made him cards and i made him breakfast in the morning, he really liked the eggs i made =] then when we went to chili’s to eat dinner we ended up with not paying for it! it was free!! [[cuz they messed our order]] BEST FATHER’S DAY!!!

  10. For Father’s Day, my family and I went to my grandmother’s house and had dinner over there. At her house, I saw my Uncle that I have not seen in a long time!!!

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