Please tell me what you did with yours.

38 thoughts on “Health Blogs

  1. i am goin to delete it later on in the week because my parents want to read it…..i told them it was good

  2. i think i will delete it … but it seems hard to click the delete button ’cause i put so much time on it. lols.

  3. i deleted the ‘Eat to live, not live to eat’ blog but i’m going to keep the other blog that i have.

  4. Im an so keeping mine, i worked too hard on it plus i enjoyed doing it , it was fun and so much better then a health webquest or test, it was awesome!

  5. [[i`m keeping my blog and renaming it]] :]]

    [[i`ll probably rename it “just me :]]”]]

    i think i should keep my blog because in my opinion i find blogging interesting ;]

  6. i think that i might keep it because it took me alot of time and effort to make it and for it to be just deleted. later i might just change the name or just keep writing about health. it would be good if the 8th graders of next year could blog on our blogs so we could keep in contact with some of them.]]]

  7. im changing the name but i am keeping it because it will probably get me some brownie points in high school

  8. i just renamed my blog
    it’s called Anime Diary and I am deleting the health posts so i can make way for a bunch of other things i can put up there 😀
    as you can tell, my blog’s gonna be about manga and anime ♥

  9. Im keeping mine but i changed the name to
    Its going to be about life and things that go on and my freshman year of High School!
    But im going to keep all my health blogs

  10. i decided to delete my other blog because i’m not going to be on the computer for a long time and when i get back i’ll create a new blog and write everything that i have/will experience on the way to Florida and Minnesouta (i think i spelled it wrong).

  11. yup. i ended up keeping my blog. && i decided it’d be like a “diary” where i talk about my day in a way that a guy from arizona wouldn’t know who i am. so yeah. lols. i named it my “diary” instead of healthy happy, so can you change it?? thanks.

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