The Enneagram:  Take this test to see what number you are.


I’m a 2.  An unhealthy 2 gives because they want to get something back.  I have done this work so long that I now give NOTHING, unless I’m absolutely sure that I want nothing in return.  A healthy 2 knows what she wants.  For years, I just did what YOU wanted me to do.  No longer. 

Look at the lines above.  They mean something.  When a 2 is in a BAD place, they travel to 8, and become the challenger, or the boss.  When I’m in a good place, I am at 4, the individualist, or the romantic.

I big puffy heart the Enneagram.  It unlocked my motivations.

According to the Enneagram, human beings are deeply driven by one of nine motivations:

1) the need to be right
2) the need to be loved and valued
3) the need to be productive and to succeed
4) the need to experience one’s feelings and to be understood
5) the need to understand
6) the need for security
7) the need to be happy and avoid suffering
8) the need to be self-reliant and strong

9) the need for peace and ease

Which one reminds you of yourself?

36 thoughts on “the enneagram

  1. Brian, that totally makes sense that you are a 1…a reformer, a perfectionist. My Dad is a 1.

    Hargun, we 2’s are givers and helpers!! I knew I liked you!

  2. Once a three, always a three.. don’t mess with us… we are too organized to challenge. We’ve got every note you wrote to back it up in a color coded file, that is in alpha order–by date. what now?

  3. HAHA…iM A 7…ADVENtUR0US…& tHAt iS 0H S00 VERy tRUE!…yEStERDAy AH GREAt AMERiCA i R0DE ERytHANg[ XCEPt SpiNNiNg RiDES tHAt CAN git ME EASiLy SiCk!!!] BUH UHHM yEAH…ASHLEy WAS t00 SKeeRED!1….i HAD t0 G000 000N DROp Z0NE AL0NE tHEE fiRSt tiME!!…tHEN WHEN i tALkED NESSA iNtAH it…WE C0UDN’t StOP…& WE kEpt gittiN 0N iNVERtig0!!Wit SHERRiSE…ND fiNALLy…ASHLEy g0t 0N BUH yEAH…i t0tALLLy AGREE Wit tHis tHANgy…

  4. i am a 3 i really do believe that i do have the need tobe productive and to succeed!

  5. ok this time i did it right mrs.v and due to the results i recieved im #2 social
    guess its true cus it matches my personality

  6. Christian, you being a 5 makes a LOT of sense to me, and I wish I knew that a month ago!

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