I’ve been pondering posting this for awhile, seeing as many librarians might come and lynch me.  It’s nothing against librarians.  It’s my problem.  I love books.

I have a boatload of books from Robby.  Ones that I must read if I’m to teach Langauge Arts properly.  I have great recommendations from students.  However, I have a problem.  Maybe even a disorder.

I have to own the book.  Sick?  Maybe.  Buying a new book is a ritual with me.  I’ll  go back to the back of the book pile to get a book that probably hasn’t been touched.  When I buy a book, I look it over, as if I was purchasing a new car.  Bent pages?  A mark on the back cover?  I think not.  I like a pristine, new book.  When I get it home, I take it out of the bag, and like my father taught me to, open the book in the middle, crease it, then the first quarter, and so on.  The smell of a fresh new book.  There’s nothing like it. 

I know, you think that maybe I have a little OCD.  I assure you, I don’t.  *cough*

So, here I sit with five books from my local library.  I’m interested in reading all the young adult literature that I can get my hands on, but these books…are not MY books.  See that picture at the top of the page?  My den looks eerily similar to that, and here’s why:  each one of these books marks a part of my history. 

I look at a book that is wrinkly from the summer I took it to the beach.  I look at a book that my first book club loved, and I hated, but I was too timid to share my opinion.  I have the first book from my first book group.  I remember that like yesterday, 11 years and another lifetime ago.  I have books that were passed down to me, books that were gifts, books that mark my life like a timeline.  A particularly bad breakup?  There are the books that helped me slip away from the pain of it.  A great vacation?  I remember the book I was reading after a long day at Disneyland.  As Cicero said, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 

Librarians, it’s nothing personal.  I just gotta own it.  Maybe that would explain my dwindling bank account.  (just kidding, Dad)

11 thoughts on “library? i think not…

  1. that box is full of nothing but quality work. You need to be reading The Giver… do it I say! Do it!

  2. i’m not particular about brand new books but i do appreciate them and i always wrap them in plastic and make sure i don’t crease the spines – that’s the part i’m quite anal about! i love reading young adult lit too, what are your favourites?


  3. Well, Robby, that’s the whole point with blogs, yanno? And I DO love that edit button!!!

    Sulz, I’m just starting the path down YA since I’ll be teaching 8th grade next year. I loved the Outsiders, and have a small page at the top of the blog.

    Oh, and I really need a new book, but when it becomes well read and loved, then I love how it gets marked up or bent. That just shows my life put into it. 🙂

  4. the outsiders is like only my most favourite book! you should read the others by hinton. i like that was then, this is now and tex. she wrote one adult book, hawkes harbor which is a whole different genre than her ya books, but you can trace a bit of ponyboy curtis in the protagonist there. i love that too.


  5. Happy last day of school Mrs. Vermeulen,I will miss you next year.I hope i can stay in touch with you on my blog.

  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean, but still, it’s no big deal for me if i borrow from the library, in fact, that’s where I am now!

    P.S. The Giver is a good book, but it’s kinda… juvenile (for lack of a better word)

  7. Hi Mrs. V!!!!!!!! right now i’m at my grandparent/aunts/uncles house and we just finished celebrating one of my cousins graduation party. it was awesome!! i have never laughed so long and so hard in my life!!!
    we drove from CA (hope you know what that is because SOME people don’t) to Nevada, then to Utah, then to Idaho, then to Wyoming, then to South Dakota, and now we’re in Minnesota!!! the ride was really fun but also VERY long. i had tons of fun, though!! anyways, i just read this post and i respect that because i feel the same way. i don’t want to go into a library where you have to purchase a book to read it. I mean, come on, we already have a BORDERS and BARNES & NOBLES for that. Speaking of which, i bought these two REALLY thick and heavy books for the road trip but guess what? I finished both of those books in 1 day!!! can you believe that?!?! i mean, sure i’m proud of myself but then i didn’t have anything else to do now!! tomorrow we’re gonna go to the hugest, most famous, mall of the U.S.A. in Minnesota. my dad’s also planning to go visit ALL of the 10,000 Great Lakes in Minnesota, too. I don’t think we’re ACTAULLY going to be able to see them all, though….anyways, i think i spoke to much so i have to stop talking, or typing now. I had to try my best not to tell my friends about my trip either. BUT I WANNA SHOUT IT OUT SO BAD!!!!!! oh, well………………………………….
    oh, and sorry if this was REALLY out of topic but i hope you get my point. and how was graduation? Blessie told me that some people cried.

  8. Hey Nat!!! You read both books on your trip already? Yeah, we missed you, but know you’re having a great time. You DO know you check out books at the library, not buy…right? LOL I’ll check your blog, and stay in touch okay? Have a great summer!

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