I’m sitting at my son’s baseball game last week.  This Mom is sitting next to me with her two kids.  These are little kids, maybe 3 & 5.   She is on her cell phone non-stop.  Not making appointments or catching her husband or whatever.  She is gossiping to beat the band. “Yeah, I can’t believe she did that, and I would never act that way, and can you believe he said that to her?”  This went on and on and on, and the 3 year old got hurt.  He tried to get her attention but she wouldn’t get off the phone.  Finally, she looked at him, and with an irritated voice yells, “Dylan, knock it OFF!”  I was practicing keeping my mouth shut, and it worked. 

Last night at the park, not so much.  I let my dogs off the leash to run as I do every night, and this teenager type person yells the F word VERY loud and pulls his skateboard back to (what I thought) hit my dog, except that in retrospect, I think he was just trying to protect himself.  I started yelling at him that he shouldn’t talk that way.  

Not only did I forget that it was summer, and no, I’m not on duty…but God didn’t put me in charge of shaping up everyone’s language.  It’s not my job. 

I’m going for a walk tonight to find him and make amends to him.  I hear that crow is best when eaten warm.

Man, I need a summer vacation.

9 thoughts on “cell phones & teenagers

  1. Wow…That’s one bad mom…And Wow mrs.Vermeulen I can’t believe That guy.I guess he got on Mrs.vermeulen’s last nerve and I guess he deserves some1 telling him a thing or two.And the crow part…uhhh you can have the crow mrs.Vermeulen,I’m fine..

  2. LOL Bryan. Eating crow means you have to go and apologize. Which I will do because I was waaaaaay out of line! 🙂

  3. hahaha i cant beleive it even over summer mrs. v. And about the mom i have seen so much of that, and once ive tried stopping it but matter just got worse so i just ignore it, its not my bussiness anways hahha

  4. Did you try to tell that this is Planet Linda he’s living in and he’s just a guest?

  5. Leave it to Robby to kick a girl when she’s down!

    I am TRYING to find him, with no luck!!

  6. heyy mrs vermeulen!
    happy fourth of july! :]
    wow that mom sounds so irresponsible!
    buh anyways..how are you i hope yur doin` good..i am!
    talk to you later
    buh byes!:]

  7. wow mrz.v!!! u know how hard it would be 4 me 2 keep ma mouth shut!!! i would be sayin’ thingz like this is a kids basketball game, people around you dont want 2 hear about what happened in her life! thatz what a phsyciatric office iz 4!!! but i dont think i would be that rude!!! {{{{{he,he,he}}}} well ive had dat teenage cussing problem 2!! itz kind of embarassing when ur with ur family amd some teenager starts cussing really loudly!!
    good post mrz. v

  8. HAHA Kaley! Thanks. How’s your blog? I have 295 new blog posts since I was on vacation, so I’m goin’ there now!

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