It’s officially the first day of summer at my house.  My kids are here, there is no school for anyone, I’m off until August 15th, and it’s 94 degrees outside.

My rule is that there is no more than 2 hours of TV in one day.  I’ve now established that if you, my son, want to watch another half an hour, you have to match that with exercise.  Boy, did I have complaining for the first hour after the TV was shut off.  That was at 11am.  It’s 1:15, and I lasted 2 hours.  I told them they could watch one more half hour if they find my glasses.  You never saw two boys move so fast through the house, and within minutes, they had them.

A Mom has to do what a Mom has to do.  Peace, for one more half hour.  Then we really will build solar ovens, paint, go to the movies, build something out of Legos.  But, for now…Jimmy Neutron is on, and I for one am thankful.


14 thoughts on “the long, dark summer

  1. lol.
    i had to babysit 2dayy.
    both of my brothers.
    && basically all they did was watch tv.
    my head hurts, i can still hear handy manny singing.
    anyways. my summer is good so far.
    how about yours?

  2. Looks like your having a great summer Mrs. Vermeulen, me and my family leave today for marineworld and disneyland!I’ll start posting about it on my blog later on..

  3. Well, my summer’s going fine. Yesterday I found out that a poem I wrote is going to be published!

  4. Christian!!!! Please let me know where it’s being published. That’s so exciting. Does Mrs. Ryan know???

    Free babysitting. Bah!

  5. HEy MRS. V
    My summer is okay.
    i have to babysit alot…
    and i barley have time for myself any more i am babysitting rite now but the baby is sleeping. but anways hope your summer is good..MiSS Y0U!

  6. heyy mrs. v!!

    i love summer! i get to go swimming with my cousins :]]

    my cousin from las vegas is with me and is staying with me for a month and we’re going to vegas! :]

    we’re going to disneyland along with my other cousins on july 18th :]

  7. Hey Jessica & all…Am I missing your blogs?? Have fun in this heat! Kayla…babysitting? I’m impressed!

  8. hi mrs. v
    r u enjoying ur summer break???????
    i am in canada right now
    its really fun

  9. Ravneet, I leave for a week at Bass Lake tomorrow! Canada? How exciting!!

  10. yES iM BABySiTTiNG…ii AM REALLy G00’d WiF KiD’sZ DEy JUS SEEM t0 LiKE ME!!!! L0L’SZ

  11. im super bored dis summer…..i also have to babysit my 3 year old couzin Blake…and i get 2 go 2 Oregon 4 two weekz!!! yay me! DAT MEANZ {{{{{SHOPPING,SHOPPING,SHOPPING}}}} yeah soundz fun huh!!! so exciting!! ohh goody, here he iz… itz hard 2 be mean 2 my couzin cause he iz soooo cute!!

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