Last thing I did tonight before leaving for two weeks.  I bought 75 new sempers in 3 different colors.  These are the only materials I will ever need.  Give me a semper, a writing utensil and an eraser, and I will teach you everything you need to know.

Oh, I have 3 periods of 8th grade English.  I got Green, Gold & Black.  Hmmm….those are French Camp colors.  Interesting karma there.

3 thoughts on “Sempers

  1. awww…guD lucK mrs.vermeulen..i hOpe yOu enjOy teaching english..and i miss you..

  2. i wonder what we’ll do in science…if we’ll still use sempers or not
    good luck teaching English

  3. i hope we use semperz next year, cause it helped me stay organized!!! a lot! & made my life a lot easier!!! im a miss all the things we did in those beautiful sempers with you mrz. v!!! but at the end you ripped out all the extra pages!!!{{{so,so,so}}}sad! {{tear}} just kidding! what do you mean green,gold, & black!!! i cant beleive ur replacing us 4 green, gold, & black!!!!! i see how it iz!
    miss ya mrz.V!!*

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