I just got back from a week long training for AVID.  This year, I’m going to have 3 English classes, and 3 AVID classes.  I met all of the new Jr. High teachers, we learned so much about how to get students motivated to go to a four year college.

I was a little overwhelmed, didn’t know the staff and got into odd situations where I had to stand up for myself.  One cute thing:  On the last night, they all bought something to drink (to toast with), and they got me a Sprite in a shot glass, knowing that I don’t drink.  I never hide my recovery from anyone, 28 years and all…

I watched the movie We Are Marshall, with Matthew McConaughey

It suddenly occurred to me, that this IS the story of my new school.  Out of the ashes, the Phoenix rises and all that.  It inspired me so much, that I decided that would be my AVID class theme for the year.  I plan on showing it the first week.

I walked into my new classroom today.  I’ve been doing this gig since 1981, and it never fails to inspire me when I walk into an empty classroom.  Because, in a year from now, many many lives will have been molded and shaped.  Since I teach Jr. High, most likely mine will be too.

Here are some other movies I plan to watch after my last vacation to the east coast next week:

Rudy, Cool Runnings, Apollo 13, Freedom Writers, Akeelah & The Bee, Pay It Forward, Mr. Holland’s OPUS, School of Rock.  That’s about it for now. 

I have a huge task ahead of me.  I’m psyched.

3 thoughts on “AVID

  1. hang in there darling… it’s funny you mention We are Marshall… it was my theme for my presentation at Herff this week…

  2. Hey, great to see your blog. I saw a post you made on a blog about just getting back from an AVID institute. I did as well in San Diego. This is my first year as an AVID elective teacher and I am REALLY excited about it.

    Would love to hear any advice you have for me. I teach high school World History to sophomores but will have a freshman group of AVID this year. Only one class. I’ll probably add another freshman class next year.

    Great finding your blog and good luck this year.

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