It’s that time of year where I dust off my memories, re-live some great moments, get ready to gear up for the new crop of students. 

Today in our paper, a story of a former student was featured in the sports section.  Looks like this kid is going to be a real hot recruit on the football field this year.

I was his teacher in 7th grade at St. Stanislaus school.  The reason this was such an important year, was because it was 2002, and *cough* I hadn’t been teaching since 1990.  I was a school and private therapist in the 90’s, but had no idea what a “Standard” was or how it was used.  I couldn’t get a job, even though I taught from 1981-1990 in Fresno Unified. 

This tiny Catholic school took a chance on me, and gave me the 7th grade teaching position.  I had never taught Jr. High.  Well, I fell in love with the students, the curriculum and the excitement that is Jr. High.   This boy was always a sweet, kind student.  He had many friends, and was incredibly popular with boys and girls alike.  His mother was one of my biggest supporters.  This was the year that we read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, and met him.  Read the story

It’s always nice to see one of your old students succeed.  There are way too many stories…probably ones I’ll never know about, in which the student didn’t quite set out to be what he wanted.  I’m always surprised that I don’t feel old, either.  Teaching keeps me young.

You go big Dominic!  I’ll be waiting to see where you land.   I’m rooting for you in more ways than one.

Mrs. V.

One thought on “Former Students

  1. I know what you mean about feeling good when you learn about a student’s success years after you’ve sent them on. You wear it like a badge of honor just knowing that you had a part in his/her life. It’s the icing on the cake in this profession.

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