This is my first TT.  Thanks to http://californiateacherguy.blogspot.com/ (CTG) I remembered this little meme thingy.

So, because I was in my classroom today, my first meme is going to be 13 reasons I love teaching Jr. High.

1)  Social Clout:  It’s my world, you just live in it.

2)  Seinfeld: 

GEORGE:  You got bumped from Career Day?

JERRY:  It was a mix up, I’m sure.

KRAMER:  They’re trying to screw with your head.

JERRY:  Now why would a jr high school want to screw with my head?

3)  Their insanity matches mine

4)  Detention

5)  My biggest student actually completing the 5K.

6)  The boy who refuses to work finding out that he cannot graduate.  (This is actually worth it, if he will in fact, learn the lesson for High School)

7)  The girl whose parents tell her she’s stupid now recites Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.  Perfectly.

8)  Richard’s Poem:  *Please someone wake me from my broken dream.*  Probably the most profound piece of work I’ve seen from someone firmly yet tragically ensconced in the Foster Care System.

9)  Finding out how cool it is to Bar-B-Que a Twinkie.  Finding out that Ms. V., while almost perfect, still gets in trouble with her boss.

10)  Notebook Drama (Which picture will make it on the front of someone else’s binder?)

11)  Getting a call on my cell phone Friday night at midnight, because the student was afraid, and could trust me.

12)  Student directed Portfolios.

13)  Watching them try to push the edge of the envelope.  Knowing that they are just like you were in Jr. High.  Realizing that long after I’m dead and gone, kids will still be receiving detention.

2 thoughts on “thursday thirteen #1

  1. Hi Mrs. Vermeulen,I haven’t talked to you in a while i hope your doing fine!8th grade seems easy and all wish you were here.I know that you came by today to get some books I hope French Camp is doing you well.

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