I wonder why the girls sing “I WILL FOLLOW HIM”, and the male inmates sing “THRILLER”.  Just wondering.  In any event, there’s exercise here.

Yeah, I had to say something about Barry Bonds.  The asterisk says it all.  No need to argue.  We all know, Barry.  And, while I find glee in my little picture, the LA Dodgers are in need of a smackdown: 


They were in first place for so long, they probably didn’t know how to act.  I think a YouTube refresher is needed here: 


 images.jpg  American Red Cross.  I went to this accident last night in Sonora. 


I’m the Mental Health gal.  By the time we got there, the church bus had their own counselors and nurses there.  That’s the thing about the Red Cross.  You gotta check your credentials and licenses at the door.  I’m a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  Everytime I go to a DR, I realize that people want and need food and water.  Feelings?  Well, they are kinda obvious.

So, we got to be the ERV guys.  We delivered BigMacs, Fries & Water to the crash site to the CHP guys.  We had so much left over, we stopped a CDF fire truck and gave the rest to them.  They were coming from Los Banos, so they weren’t in a hurry.  I accidentally locked my keys in the ARC van (what is it with me and keys?), and it took 9 firefighters to get them out.  It was very nice of them.

On that note, this photo is for the officers and all first responders.  Thank you.cop-warning-sign.jpg

Happy Saturday.

3 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. Hello it is me Christian B. from Veritas, my new blog is at thawherewolf.wordpress.com. It is called full moon, and it is a poetry site.

  2. Christian, I will definitely link it if you start writing poetry. I’m excited to see your work!

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