Shoes.  I just bought new shoes.  Not THESE shoes, but real teacher-like shoes.  And, I got to thinking.  For 4 years now, I’ve taught PE & Science.  You could really get away with sweats and tennies all the time, because, well you taught PE, and that’s what you do.

Now, I’m teaching Language Arts.  I come from the old school that you really need to be a little more polished in presentation.  I look at the new teachers, and no offense ladies, but spaghetti straps and low-rise jeans with your thong sticking out are not exactly teacher attire.

But, no one says anything about it.  I do believe that students do NOT want to be like us.  They want to look up to us as role models, and dressing like you’re in an MTV video just won’t cut it.

I know I’m aging myself here.  I don’t care.  I still think we need to dress up for school.  So, I bought some navy pumps.  My feet will be in pain for a bit, but I’m not in Kansas anymore.

5 thoughts on “shoes, shoes, shoes

  1. Thanks Thai, and that was a great post. In my experience, when I dress up, it also gives an air of professionalism, which I don’t think is all bad for our chosen path.

  2. My feet hurt just thinking about pumps! I do agree that having a more polished look is important–especially in the beginning of the year. I’m forever on the quest for comfortable teacher shoes–usually something more loafer like. I think about some teachers I know who wear tennis shoes (nothing crazy) everyday, and it’s actually the older teachers who wear a button down and dress pants. They are dressed practically and professionally. I think with them there is also a certain manner in which they carry themselves.

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