Teamwork, Obstacles, Respect, Courage, Heart

This is our AVID theme for the year.  http://www.avidonline.org/

I watched Glory Road last night.  Yes, I was inspired and I’m so excited this morning to start the year.

My best visualization is the kid getting on the bus who has no idea what’s to come, and who I am.  I’m sure she’s as nervous as I am.
I hope that I can serve them well.

The time has come.

2 thoughts on “the time has come

  1. Ms. V., Followed your comment from California Teacher Guy’s blog and DLDT odyssey.

    I taught Tony Buzan’s mind mapping to middle schoolers from 197-something to 2003 (they were in “junior high” for the earlier expanse of that time). The mindmeister link caught my eye, and for that, thank you.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of what you have to say!

  2. Mindmeister is a hoot isn’t it? I only wish I had the technology at this school, that I had at my last school! They’ve even taken away blogging!!

    Thanks Repairman, and I’m feeding you on RSS as well now!

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