13 classroom teachers I’ve admired.  Warning:  Long.

1)  Miss Frank, my 6th grade teacher.  (She has passed away, so I can say her name…)  She had gray hair in a bun.  No one wanted her, because she wasn’t cool.  I adored her.  I flourished under the “wicked witch” type.

2)  Mr. Lipari.:  El Camino Real HS in 1975.  He was a student teacher in our Biology class.  Beside being young and hip, we actually got to dissect stuff.  We also were allowed to chew gum, which as you know is very important.

3)  Teresa Busch:  Now a principal in a central valley school district.  She was my team teacher for 7 years, and my best friend.  She gave me the gift of discipline.

4)  Mrs. Brouwer, 2nd grade, also deceased.  I loved being in her class, because she said that she loved us.  We believed her, and I cried when I left her to go to third grade.

5)  My typing teacher in Jr. High.  He told us that we needed to learn how to type because girls were destined to be secretaries, and needed this skill.  It was 1971, and this was a reality.  I find great pleasure in watching men my age hunt and peck on their computers, whilest I type away.

6)  My Children’s Lit professor at CSU Fresno.  He saved my life by kicking me out of his class when I had a particularly bad hangover.  I went to a 12 step group (yes, that one) that night, and have been sober ever since.

7)  H. Dan Smith,  in my Master’s Program at CSU Fresno.  There was a mystique about being in his class.  Mostly because he was the head of the department, but somehow you just knew you were with “The Master”.   He was an incredibly gifted therapist and teacher, disseminating information in a gentle, but firm way.   He gave me this video, as my father and I were forging a new relationship based on trust.  Dan then went to see HIS father.  He was a genius of a teacher.  He taught me the phrase, “If not now, WHEN?”.  I still use that frequently.

8)  My choir teacher in 7th grade.  We played “Spirit in the Sky”, and she thought something was wrong with the record.  She had a big red beehive!  She loved being with Middle Schoolers (I can relate).

9)  My statistics teacher in the Master’s Program, Ray.  (I can’t remember his last name).  He told us there were statistics on hand washing.  That if there were other people in the bathroom, women would wash their hands.  If no one was there, they wouldn’t.  I swear I think of this every time I’m in a restroom…

10)  My master teacher, Lola Murray. in Clovis.  She taught me everything I need to know.  When I called this kid a bad name, she took over the class, called the parent and disciplined me…with love.  I still write my name over on the board every day.  Mr first few years of teaching were cloned from Lola.

11)  Mr. Johnson.  My current district.  His students love him.  He yells “Get Out!” at them every day.  And, they love him.   “Oh, Mr. J.”, they say.  How does he DO that?  A Good Friend.

12)  George Shen.  Enough said.  Amazing man.  Wonderful counselor and friend. 

13)  Rich Andrade.  Was my principal in Fresno.  Loving, firm, consistent.  When I left to become a counselor, I gave him a van full of books, because he missed the classroom, and was going back.  Now, that man had class.

There you have it!  TT#2 is complete!

2 thoughts on “thursday thirteen #2

  1. WTF? I’m off this list? I’m coming back to SEIZE, yes SEIZE, all my teachings. I guess because I’m a sup par teacher! (:

  2. You don’t teach anymore. HELLO?

    Plus, you are now my consultant, so I don’t consider you a teacher anymore.

    If I put you on, will you consider coming back to the profession?

    (I knew this would get your attention)

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