Well, I think I’m depressed.  I didn’t realize just how much I utilized this blog.  WordPress is blocked at my work, although I’m making a case for it with the District.  I did start another blog that is NOT blocked, www.frenchcamp.edublogs.org, but I don’t want to recreate the wheel. 

Also, perhaps I’m not the smartest cookie in the cupboard, but how in the world do I wrap my brain around 7 supplemental texts?  Well, I’m not.  I’m getting them to write until their fingers fall off, and read until their eyeballs bug out.  They are coming along in their writing, and have already turned in a 5 paragraph narrative essay.  However, I do look longingly out at the PE field, where I spent the last four years (well, sort of.  long story), and thought how EASY it looked.  I didn’t have any appreciation for the amount of correcting you LA teachers have to do.  I do now.  I corrected 3 batches of the writings today. 

I’m lonely, and I miss my old colleagues.  Oh well.

So here, it’s Finally Friday.


6 thoughts on “friday

  1. Aww! That stinks that the blog is blocked at that school! Well i hope ever thing is going well Mrs.Vermeulen!

    – Joseph

  2. Oh Yeah Mrs.Vermeulen….Have you heard the song called “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra?……Its is an awsome song!

  3. I LOVE that song. Don’t worry Joseph, I’m working on unblocking it!!!

    How is everything going this year?

  4. Of course, I’m blocked at my school, too. Seven supplemental texts? Do you actually USE them all? Wow. Are some of them novel sets?

  5. HappyCHyck! Thanks for stopping by. I’m using your blog post regarding blogging to make a case with our district. The tech in our main office is ALSO for Zero Filtering, as I am, and I will keep trying until they get it.

    I told her I will password protect everything too. Also, http://www.frenchcamp.edublogs.org is my new one. It’s unblocked, probably because of educational software, but I really don’t want to keep up two blogs.

    No, I don’t use them all, and no, they aren’t novel sets. More like vocabulary workbooks, etc.

  6. Every thing is going good! We still dont have a permanent since teacher so that is a little crazy! So yeah! How i every thing going for you?

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