Notice I spelled the title the British Way. 

I took my 7 year old son to the only G movie available,  Mr. Bean’s Holiday of all, the guy never talks.  He grunts, he gyrates, but he doesn’t talk.  Much.

Second.  Subtitles.  My 7 year old reading subtitles to me.  He didn’t know where Cannes was, or WHAT it was, so I kept trying to explain it to him.

Third.  A strange man takes a young boy all around France, in order to find his father.  The funny stage perfomance they gave was pretty bizarre, but funny.

Let me say a few things about movie etiquette.  We walk in, and a grown man has his flip flops off, and his feet over the seats in front of him.  One word:  ew.  Then three French women come in and sit in our row, and never, never stopped talking.  The movie made them howl and speak louder in French, and then I realized:  I’m not in Kansas anymore.

I didn’t get the movie or the humour.  My boy had bad dreams about the wiggling oysters in the restaurant scene.  We did like the walking over busses scene, on his way to the beach, however I noticed that no, the man did not look both ways crossing the street. 

We loved the boy, but it was mostly lost on us.  Alas, a G movie that I didn’t get.  Funny, though.  We can’t stop talking about it.


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