My class is getting ready for Patriot Day.  On 9-11-01, they were in the 2nd grade.  They don’t remember.   They were painting and playing and running and reading.  And then, it stopped.

My oldest boy was 4 years old.  I was getting ready to take him to Preschool.  My husband called me, and said, “Quick, turn on the TV.”  I remember looking at the building thinking that surely people were getting out, and that help would arrive soon.  I’m such an innocent.  My brain could not wrap itself around the fact that an airplane had been flown into the building.  I took my boy to school, only to find my dear friend Jen, sitting outside with HER boy.  School had been cancelled.  She was crying, and I remember thinking, oh it must be because she has a recent death in her family.  I guess you could say that I was numb.

You know what it feels like when you become *un-numb*, after you’ve visited the dentist?  That prickly sensation of your gums waking up?  I started waking up to the horror of that day.  Everything was cancelled.  My TV was never off.  We were in church that night.  By nightfall, I was the saddest I’d ever been in my recent history.  I wanted to be a part of the solution.  To help.  That was the week that I joined

The NYTimes started running the obituaries within a few days.  I got a subscription, and read the many many obituaries on a daily basis.  Then, the book.  There were so many people who died, a book was made of only obituaries.  My class reads a few each day, because in a few days, we are honoring all of them on Patriot Day. 

I’ve gotten these songs written out, and we will be playing them, reading them, starting our letter writing campaign.  We’ll start our My Soldier letter writing project.  Our soldiers are located in Afghanistan.  They can’t tell us where.

Finally.  Yes, I know that many people have varying feelings regarding this day.  Put it aside.  Just for this one day.  Patriot Day.  Be there to remember.

This will give you chills.



3 thoughts on “9-11 never forget

  1. Yeah, man that is serious stuff! I remember that after the attack I was so scared I couldn’t sleep that night! My Mom was so worried that there would be an attack a little closer to home so she didn’t let me go to school that day!

  2. ill never forget 9/11 its a day ill always remember and ive seen groun zero wen i wuz in ny ill never 4get tat either

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