thebiggestloser.jpgWhy do I love this show?  Let me see.  Jillian.  Jillian rocks.  Bob makes me cry.   He always makes me cry.  Why?  Heart.  Jillian makes me cry because I’ve done some of her workouts, and they make me hurt.  These are the DVDs my last classes did, and sadly, since I now teach English, I’m grading papers instead of gettting 2 periods of workout in my daily routine.  Boo weight gain.

I could do without Kim, who always seems to crumble and cry.  The new host, Allison has that oh-so-soap-oper-y voice.  It’s like, hey Allison.  This is THE BIGGEST LOSER!  Not the Young and the Restless.  The voice is bad.

The Mojave Desert in the summer.  I love the Black Team, and am hoping that they will kick some butt.  I think I like Phil, the ex-football player, but then he REEMS Amber for not trying hard enough, and how *it makes me look bad because I picked you*.  Give me a break.

In any event, here’s last season’s theme song:  Proud.  Great stuff.  It’s why I went to the gym today.  I knew this show would be on, and I didn’t want to feel like a slug.  🙂



2 thoughts on “the biggest loser

  1. hey mrs.v..
    i miss doing
    is hecka easy but we have
    test to do but i guess it’s
    okay..hehe..anyways take care
    always and godbless..i miss you
    mrs.v..hope your enjoying your new
    skewl..well okay ttyl mrs..enjoy your day..

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