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Wonderful.  Yes, Taylor Mali’s *Totally Like Whatever* totally fired up my kids.  I only have one class left in Camp Vermeulen.  Everyone else bought in to the fact that they need to learn how to think.

We had our poems that CTG californiateacherguy.blogspot.com helped inspire, called Teenagers Can’t.  They wrote them in pairs, and then volunteers opted to share them in a mini-slam.  I gave them Taylor Mali’s Baker’s Dozen Secrets of Slam, and they were off to the races.  We even pulled the drapes and lit candles.   They snapped their fingers instead of clapping. 

I had five honest judges.  I threw out the highest and lowest scores. 

It was a beautiful thing.  🙂


2 thoughts on “thank you Happy Chick!!!

  1. That is sooo cool! CTG’s Teenagers Can’t fits in quite well with Mali’s poem, too. What an excellent way to put a new slant on why education is important to them! Hey kids! While you are making a mockery of yourselves, guess how the world is looking at you. Ha! I love it!

    So, wanna share Mali’s secrets? Or is a total secret? I would love to add to my sketchy slam skills. I would adore a post, or maybe some helpful tips sent to my happychyck at yahoo.com Pretty please? 😉

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