Today is my first quinceanera.

I was so honored to be asked by one of my new students.  In her writing a few weeks ago, she started writing about me coming to  her sister’s quinceanera.  I was embarrassed because I knew vaguely what it was, but not REALLY. 

I have a new dress, new shoes, freshly painted nails & a Starbucks gift.  I’ve only asked a dozen people what I should bring, and that was the concensus.  I’m excited to be going, but am an Mayflower girl who doesn’t speak Spanish.  I guess now I know how my students feel in an all English-speaking world.

My students do Four Minutes of Formulation in their sempers.  My favorite part of the day is reading, and then responding to them.  This is how I got the invite.  My student Monica asked me to go to her sister’s quince.  It took a few writings back and forth to realize she was serious.  I’m thrilled.

Off to the party.  🙂


I’ve uploaded some pictures to flickr.  It was a beautiful, special time for this newcomer to the culture.  I sat with M’s parents.  They work in the fields at night (or they used to)for my husband’s cousin’s cousin here in my hometown.  I learned a little Spanish.  I learned more about the students who live in the camps, and what happens when the camps close for the winter holiday.

Monica’s sister got to dance with her father, and received her last doll, signaling the fact that she is now a woman.  The girls and boys were beautiful, and I was in awe of their waltzing capabilities. 

I am humbled.  I am honored.  And, I want to go again!

3 thoughts on “ms. v does the quinceanera-pt 1 & 2

  1. i went i want to c the pix -k
    but that waz nice of u to go 2 theparty
    im glad u hade a chance to go we had fun so wat did u do wit the gift u took home the one me n yeni put in ur car so did u have fun at da party

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