6 thoughts on “here…by request

  1. Mass response…

    Starbucks gift card is a great gift? 9-11 did you blare it so your neighboring classroom was distrupted.

    And part of the “camp” method.. you don’t talk to them either! (:

  2. No, Starbucks was what I was ADVISED to bring. I didn’t want to be an idiot and bring perfume or jewelry, so I asked a bazillion (okay 3) people, and that’s what they said. Now, if it was MONICA, she’d have gotten something else, since she is actually my student.

    9-11. No blaring. Lots of tears & love. I don’t blare no more. But I am hoping to next year.

    Yep. No talking. Just instructing. Gotta love the floppy.

  3. hey mrs.v that was nice of you to put the pix of the 15 it was sooooo fun i luv u sooo much well evry1 now y cuz ur awsome!!!
    luv ur fav student 4m 6period lol!!! see u on mon.

  4. it was so much fun and esspecially cus u were there
    but da bad part was dat u had 2 leave early
    thanxs 4 da pixs they were so cute

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