Blog #1~Okay now.  This is my original blog.  It was for my students.  If you go way back to the beginning, you’d see a boatload of posts from my students.  Good, good stuff, even though the administration was very nervous.

Blog #2~My girlfriends and I have a private WordPress blog.  It’s great.  It’s confidential.  We left Yahoo when I convinced them that we needed a new format.  Good stuff.  Love having WordPress, and being able to go back and forth between the two.

Blog#3~School.  The school district where I worked blocked WordPress.  I am so enamored of the blog format, that I saw they didn’t block Edublogs, so I had to create that one for my current batch of students.  After much begging, cajoling and the like, I finally got them to unblock WordPress, but now I like my Edublogs format.

These are the things I think about on a lazy, California Sunday.  I’ve just cooked a piece of salmon in the quest to get my pre-Language Arts body back.  It’s so much different grading papers vs. working out 2 times a day with my students in P.E.

Off to the spa, where I ponder my blogness.  🙂

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