It’s week 7 of school, and I’m tired.  I’ve let my exhaustion spill out onto my students, resulting in not such a pleasant conversation with my boss.  However, I am putting on my big girl hat and dealing with my discomfort at this new school.

It’s not the kids.  Or the job.  Teaching Language Arts is mostly a joy, but I have a bazillion papers to grade (okay, 65).  It’s a new school to me, with a P5 threat hanging over it’s NCLB head.  Therefore, we are required to have two more collaborative meeting hours added to our week.  My team has chosen to do them during the lunch hour.  This adds up to more meetings than actual prep.  We have one *perk* in our Jr. High that most schools in our area don’t have.  We have a prep period.  Thank God.

The other, more pressing issue, is that I’m not the queen bee.  Not anymore.  My highjinks and antics aren’t really flying here.  I can’t just snap my fingers and have kids get to work.  I have not earned that yet.

I am glad that my boss and I talked.  I’m not leaving, I’m not (edited!).

I do know that wherever I go, there I am.  I think I’ll just grow where I’m planted today.

Oh, and to top it off.  I’ve gained 12 pounds, and the first thing I did today after wishing my sweet boy a Happy 8th Birthday, was take my ex-gym teacher body to the gym.

It’s going to be okay.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

8 thoughts on “I’m tired

  1. I have only known you for a brief time… don’t let these thoughts get in your way of reaching your students. Not sure who said this quote but I like it. “Do not sweat the small stuff and the big stuff will take care of itself”.

  2. Not yet, Christian. Everyone needs to deal with the mistakes they’ve made, and that’s what I’m doing. Dealing with it. It’s a new school to me, and I’m going to give it my best shot.

    Thanks HC & Mike!

  3. Mrs.vermeulen u cant try 2 leave us cause ill probly not talk 2 u anymore lol!!

  4. I feel your tiredness. But I also sense something else between the lines: You have the resiliency to bounce back and become your ol’ finger-snappin’ self again–and in the not-too-distant future, I might add.

    Grace and peace.

  5. Hey Mrs. Vermeulen! It’s me Ben! You know. That kid that never turned in his homework. Well I just commented to tell you I’m doing better. I have a B+ in science! And my latest mile time is 9:44! And I can’t believe you gained 12 pounds! And you gave us buts and guts!

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