This is taken from the page called “Ms. V. Reads”.  I posted it back in the summer.

Mrs. B. and I were at the movies yesterday, seeing A Mighty Heart.  The previews for this movie came on, and intrigued, I hopped on over to Barnes & Noble to pick up the book for myself.  I simply cannot put it down.  This story is so moving; I invite you to step into the mind of someone who puts everything aside to walk *Into the Wild*.  I couldn’t do it, could you?  Perhaps my new students and I will read it, and go on a field trip to the movies, since it comes out in September!

Well now, that was before I met my students.  They are fun readers.  I continue to buy books and they eat them up.  Some of their favorite topics are the Holocaust, Prison, La Migra, (as in The Circuit).  Every time I bring new ones in, they are checked out before the ink dries.  However, I haven’t highlighted this book to them yet.  I’m not sure it’s a good read for a 13 year old. 

I read Into The Wild before I saw the movie, but this is one of the only times that I have experienced the movie being VERY close to the book.  Very.  It was long (2+ Hours), and very few people were in the theater.  I needed to see it.  My life is changing, and  I needed a dark theater to sob in, and a movie to help break the dam of my walled-off emotions.   Yeah, it worked.

One of the most poignant lines was “True happiness must be shared.”  True, that.  Here is a great review of the movie.  Glad I saw it. 

2 thoughts on “Into The Wild

  1. Wow. Just what you needed when you needed it, aye? My thoughts are with you during this transition in your life.

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